Utility Rates:

$15.00 for 1st 1,500 Gallons of water

$7.00 / 1,000 Gallons thereafter

Fee Structure:

¾” tap $2,000.00

1” tap $3,000.00

Reconnect for nonpayment of water $200.00

Nonrefundable service charge to have water turned on for home owner $50.00

Nonrefundable application fee for renters $50.00 and NRSC $50.00, for a total of $100.00

Board Meeting Schedule:

The Board meets the 2nd Monday each month at 5:00 P.M.


BCBST - www.bcbst.com/tcr

UHC - https://transparency-in-coverage.uhc.com/

Humana - https://developers.humana.com/Cost-Transparency

Oscar - https://www.cigna.com/legal/compliance/machine-readable-files


Center Grove-Winchester Springs Utility District wants to inform the public that the Utility does not have any lead lines or lead service lines in the system.